Customer Testimonials

H&S takes great pride in our customer service and we strive to leave our customers Happy & Satisfied. Take a look at only a few of these testimonials from our great clients.

“We were one of the first customers to get geothermal with H&S Geothermal. From the beginning it was a great experience. Even when H&S was digging to install the loop-field they were more then happy to have us come and watch and explain what they were doing. After the system was finished and we had moved in, H&S came and provided a thorough explanation of how to use a geothermal heating and cooling system. They took care to explain that because we had wood floors, we shouldn’t turn up the heating system to an extreme because it could damage our floors. We appreciate the extra effort to maintain the integrity of our entire house not only the heating system.


Initially, there was a problem with our hot water because of the way the geothermal system was set up. However, H&S immediatly came out to resolve the issue at hand. And when they needed more resources they were honest and said they needed to work with the manufacturer to resolve the situation. We also had an issue with a motor in the geothermal system. Again, H&S was quick to respond and resolve the situation. I point out these issues only to highlight the quality of service that was provided by H&S. How a company treats you when you have a problem makes all the difference. We have been treated professionally and respectfully with any questions or issues we had by every person associated with H&S.


The environmental and economic advantages of a geothermal system are outstanding, and H&S delivers a high quality product and superior service.” — Kegan M., Sartell MN

“H&S Geothermal was recommended to us for the installation of our residential geothermal heating and cooling system. It was a great recommendation and we would certainly endorse them for any heating, air-conditioning or geothermal projects. H&S was knowledgeable about the various options and systems functionalities. H&S knows cost (both initial and operating), as well as, service expectations throughout the system’s life.


Most of all, is their firm and true commitment to customer satisfaction. They are polite, concerned, and caring. Starting with system design, then execution, and follow through, and then follow through again. Leading to a hearty recommendation from us, of H&S. We are truly happy and satisfied!” — Denise and Jim P., Avon MN

“I recently built a new house and had H&S Geothermal install a new geothermal heating and cooling system. Jason and his crew did a great job of installing and explaining how the system works. I would recommend H&S to anyone considering a geothermal system. These guys are good.” — Chip O., Clearwater MN

“Jason and his team are top notch. They were very informative, courteous, professional and thorough. They did not leave until we were happy. The system has been working perfectly. I can’t give them enough stars.” — Dan S., Sauk Rapids MN

“In November 2017, H&S replaced an old Econar and installed a new Bosch Geo unit. From estimate, installation, and follow through, not only was Jason’s estimate very competitive, his customer service to make certain I was happy with value and performance went beyond my expectations. As a DIY-er, I very much understand unique challenges with retrofitting with any type of home project. Jason’s expertise with respect to quick troubleshooting minimized any of the very few unforeseen glitches. I would HIGHLY recommend him and his company if a homeowner is looking for a geothermal unit and the commitment of a company to stand behind their product and service.” — Larry W., New Brighton MN

“I am very satisfied with H&S’s work. They are great people to work with and I would recommend them to all friends and relatives.” — Tom B., Foley MN