Benefits of Geothermal
  • Eco-Friendly & Energy Efficient


    Geothermal is the most environmentally friendly & energy efficient way to heat, cool and provide hot water in your home or business.


    Since the 1940’s, geothermal heat pumps (GHP) have offered an eco-friendly alternative to gas and electric powered heating and cooling systems. These systems do not use harmful fuels to heat or cool.


    Today, ground source heat pumps are known to be 300-500% more efficient than traditional heating & A/C systems. In addition to this, they save money both in operating costs and maintenance costs. Most systems have a return of investment being within 5-7 years of installation.


    Today more than ever, GHP’s lead to substantial energy bill savings while both energy & gas costs continue to rise. They also only rely on little electricity to operate.

  • Lower Utility Bills


    Geothermal heat pumps can lower costs associated with heating & cooling as much as 70% when compared to a traditional furnace and A/C. There are also no additional costs of fossil fuels to keep your system running (No risk of running out of LP/natural gas in the dead of winter).


    Desuperheaters are commonly used to save customers 20-40% on hot water costs. This option works by taking the excess (free) heat from your home in the Summer and directing it to your water heater. In the winter, heat is produced at a much lower cost than a standard electric water heater.

  • Fewer Maintenance Costs / Longer Lifespan


    Besides the underground loop, all geothermal equipment is installed indoors. This lowers the need for maintenance/service costs as the equipment is protected from the outdoor elements and/or pests. It also comes with an additional perk – no noisy outdoor unit!


    With an average life expectancy of 20-25 years, your geothermal heat pump will provide you comfort and reassurance for many years to come. Even longer, the loop field portion of a geo system can last more than 100 years.

  • Higher Home Value


    Even if you do not plan to live in your home forever, the upfront cost of a geothermal system can increase the value of your home upon resale. Realtors have seen that homes with geothermal sell quicker.

  • A Safer Heating & Cooling Option


    With no use of fossil fuels, there’s no combustion or release of harmful emissions. This significantly reduces the risk for oil/gas leaks, fires or carbon monoxide poisoning in your home.

How Geothermal works in Central MN

Outdoor temperatures in Minnesota can fluctuate extremely throughout the year. In contrast, ground temperatures 8 feet below the earth’s surface remain at a nearly constant 50-55 degrees year-round from absorbing the sun’s energy.


So how does it work? A series of pipes and hoses, called a “loop field” is installed beneath the earth’s surface. Year round, this loop field circulates a mixture of water & antifreeze to exchange heat in or out of your home by using the earth’s constant warm temperature. This liquid mixture carries heat into your home until it reaches a heat pump (also known as a ground source heat pump). This pump removes the heat from the water mixture and uses it to heat your home or building.

Geothermal Heating


During winter, geothermal systems absorb heat stored in the ground through the loop, and transfer it to the ground source heat pump where the heat is concentrated and pumped into your home.

Geothermal Cooling


During summer, geothermal systems absorb heat from your home and disperse it into the cooler earth. The cool antifreeze returning to the home is used to create cool, dehumidified air.

Geothermal Installation


Geothermal systems can be installed on nearly any home or business. Although horizonal loop fields are most common, vertical loop fields can be installed if your property is located on a smaller lot. If you live on/near water, pond loops or open loops might be an option as well.


·       There are two types of geothermal heat pumps:

§Water-to-Air systems: used for forced-air heating ducts

§Water-to-Water systems: used to power hydronic radiant heating systems (in-floor heat)


Call us today for a free estimate on geothermal installation. Our design team will create a system that will work best for you!

Federal Tax Credits


As of December 2020, federal tax credits have been extended and increased! Below are the current tax credits currently available for geothermal installation:


§ Geo systems installed in 2021 & 2022: 26% of the cost of the system


§ Geo systems installed in 2023: 22% ofthe cost of the system


For more information, we encourage you to contact your accountant.

Additional Rebates


Many electrical utility providers encourage the installation of ground source heat pumps and also offer rebates to customers who have them installed.


More information on rebates can be found by using this tool or by contacting your utility provider directly.

Geothermal Service & Repair


We offer 24-hour emergency geothermal service. Our goal is to be there for you throughout the life of your system, whether we installed it or not. While we’d prefer problems not occur, things do happen which require expert analysis and repair. Our goal is to respond quickly to any issues in order to minimize their impact on both your comfort and your equipment’s life.