Commercial HVAC systems, even for light commercial clients, are vastly different than residential HVAC systems.


At H&S, we specialize in commercial HVAC. Since 1989, we’ve been servicing clients across central MN, from office buildings to specialty healthcare – including both new builds and remodels.


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How Commercial HVAC near St. Cloud, MN works

Heating and cooling a commercial property in Central MN is no simple task. Large equipment, complicated mechanisms, complexity, proper drainage and more requires expertise to ensure the system works flawlessly.

Commercial Heating & A/C

Commercial heating and cooling equipment is complicated. When one component malfunctions, it can easily affect the entire system. H&S technicians have the knowledge necessary to properly install your system and identify any issues fast in order to restore your business back to comfortable temperatures. Don’t let common A/C problems leave you sweating in the office!

Commercial HVAC Installation

If you are looking for an HVAC system or heating system for a new build, or to replace your current system, we have a variety of solutions including furnaces, boilers, heat pumps and geothermal systems.
Our goal is to be there for you throughout the life of your system. While we’d prefer problems not occur, things do happen which require expert analysis and repair. We respond quickly to issues to minimize their impact on your life and provide 24/7 emergency service for our clients. We offer free estimates on commercial HVAC installation near St. Cloud, MN.


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